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Posted by elsamwell - 7 days ago

JUMPFORCE X is coming out on May 10th, it'll be published on newgrounds before being premiered at youtube (which you should subscribe to i suggest ahem ahem) all i insist is that you keep an eye on this page for the release.

i made a music video with my friend fomonglo (FOLLOW FOMONGLO NOW) from december 2020 and after 5 months of unnecessary hard work, it's coming out very soon: honestly it shouldn't have taken 5 months to work on, mostly because of online school and other stuff in general.

JUMPFORCE X is a (fake!) racing story driven platforming game, based off a drawing with mutuals i made in december 2020. in january, i released (fake) DLC for JFX which i'll probably make several music videos for. this is the first music video you'll see for JFX before i make one like months later lol

once again it's a fake video game, i know it sounds really really weird but it's a cool concept i've been thinking about


art by me and fomonglo (please follow him!!!!)



Posted by elsamwell - 3 weeks ago

holy shit thank you all for 400 followers, that's actually crazy that you guys chose to kill your time looking at my stuff. with that, i got a few stuff to talk about.

first off, my friend notserious has a series called "Detective Delirious" and it'd mean a lot to me and him to watch his upcoming episode in 30 minutes on his page. his animation is absolutely phenomenal and his storytelling is amazing, i promise you'll absolutely LOVE his series. if you can, then consider telling others about detective delirious because my friend deserves so much more attention for his series.

secondly, i'll be posting another preview of 3 IDIOTS BECOME SPIES on my page soon, since i've finally got inspiration to work on the damn thing again lol. i think it looks pretty good so far since i tried a few techniques out of my league and it'd be cool for you guys to see.

thirdly, UZI BOY. yeah, a lot has happened lately with it, but it's on pause for now since im working on 3IBS. it's a lot of stuff honestly, and i'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing haha. i'll narrow it down though. besides that, i got the environment working out alright, the last thing i need to do is make a full map for it which'll take a LONG time. UZI BOY is like the Fast and Furious of newgrounds. it's gonna have a lot of action. and i MEAN A LOT. soon enough, i'll post a video of how things look so far just so you can get a good idea of everything.

that's all, have a good day or good night everyone :))



Posted by elsamwell - April 9th, 2021

working on uzi boy lately has been a blast since i've been creating enemies left and right, below this blog is a really compressed gif of one of the enemies i've animated + the sketches i've made. besides that, i've been thinking heavily about how to create the terrain for the game, whether to make a simple tilemap or draw it all and add backgrounds later.

i'm no professional at making platformers since this is of course my first time, but i've devised a plan on how to make the maps. if anybody has any better suggestions or ideas on what to use to make terrains then please reply to this blog or DM me on NG.

second of all, MUSIC. @korewakosu is making the music for the game (aka naz3nt) and i decided that the soundtrack is going to be a mixture of funk, future funk and grime + US/UK drill. pretty fascinating, i know but the music so far FITS perfectly with the game and the environments. the decision may change in the future depending on the look of things.

this game so far has a heavy castle crashers vibe to it, not like it's gonna be a spiritual successor, because the franchise still appears to be alive, but i think this is heavy inspiration from the game itself because of the charisma of the animation and the style, S/O tom fulp.

that's all, much love everybody <3




Posted by elsamwell - April 2nd, 2021

new laptop's coming in tomorrow, so i thought i'd share this UI test i did for the first chapter.

i think i should work on making the box design look more appealing as of now, my mind was blank on what to do for the level selection.


lemme know what you think of it so far!



Posted by elsamwell - March 29th, 2021

i'm going to get a new laptop very soon and i'm thinking, what should i upload onto NG? perhaps i can host an artist telephone, or a DTIYS (draw this in your style), maybe animate a cool video (s/o tankmen)

me and my friend jhunter are working on something really cool, and i genuinely cannot wait to show you all

in the meantime, i highly suggest you follow him - @jhunter2551 and go follow his social medias!

have a good day everyone!

much love <3



Posted by elsamwell - March 26th, 2021

how's your day today


Posted by elsamwell - March 23rd, 2021



Posted by elsamwell - March 14th, 2021

progress on the latest episode is a breeze right now, although i just wanted to inform that it will have it's own custom soundtrack from a range of producers i'm working with

it will be availible on newgrounds and soundcloud a week before the release of the episode.

also, i may open up commissions for animated discord profile pictures and also your character behind a retro background with a weapon of your choice

this is all soon tho, until then, take care y''all



Posted by elsamwell - March 5th, 2021

hey guys, i've noticed lately that the support for 3 idiots go to space has been crazy. i can't thank you enough for watching the episode and going out of your way to watch the entire series for more lore. it's crazy.

besides that, i'm still working on the next episode and thought about posting a preview soon to show the amount of progress i made so far on the animation, keep an eye out on that.

love you guys



Posted by elsamwell - February 26th, 2021

hey guys, the fifth episode of 3 idiots is currently in production, below this text is a screenshot of the references and some frames i've animated so far,

this entire thing is looking to be about 15 - 20 minutes in length, making it close to a short movie. but it's gonna be a banger when it comes out for sure.

ok bye take care